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These army tattoos represents soldiers who have given their lives and those who are willing to give their life for the rest of us to enjoy the freedoms they fight for. Freedom is not free and the price is shown here in the well shaded skulls wearing military helmets and flanked by a rifle on one side and a grenade on the other. Clean lines and nice highlighting define this work, and it is a bold, clear brand to remind both wearer and beholder that the cost of freedom is a very high one indeed.

I love the intense injection of yellow, orange and red in the gunfire flash and the explosions coming from the ground below, giving these focal points a bold blast of color that gets attention drawn to the art. Even coloring throughout the rest of the tattoo gives it a really smooth look and the clever shading and highlights on the propellers really add a sense of movement to the whole piece. A unique army tattoo that is clean and re easily despite there being a lot going on, and a great inscribe that brings the battle of the skies to flesh canvas.

In the Marine Corps medical battalions arrived in Vietnam, where corpsman with the 1st and 3rd battalions were called to the battlefield, their role to provide medical support to the Marines. A corpsman was highly valued to the Marines he served, he had the ability to save lives as well as the training and skill to cheat death. Ultra smooth lining and brilliant coloring work on this traditional style U. Army tattoos make it stand out in crisp, clear, bold form. Featuring an American bald eagle, representing freedom, liberty and patriotism, and a pair of crossed rifles with bayonets representing classic Army weaponry, this brand is bright and the sudden injections of yellow on the wings and beak of the eagle, as well as the crimson fading out in the background make it really pop against pale skin.

A cool tattoo done by seasoned artist, perfect. This is a rather cool U. Specializing in engineering and weapons, the Machinist Mate is responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing ship propulsion machinery, auxiliary equipment and outside machinery.

Overall a well executed tattoo representing the Navy in style. Army tattoos. This bold tattoo with thick, clean black lines and excellent shading celebrate the Army Special Forces, the Green Berets in a classic skull, wings and sword composition. Overall a cool army tattoo that will remind one of a moral code to always live by, forever stamped into honored flesh. A beautiful Air Force tribute tattoo inked on the leg with gorgeous blue and white wings coming off the United States Air Force emblem and a halo with excellent highlighting hovering above.

Brilliant use of an array of different blues throughout the piece ensure every detail stands out in fabulous form, and all in all this is a great way to honor a fallen Air Force hero whose wings have now transformed into that of a guardian angel. Simple, lovely and a forever memorial for a beloved soldier now watching over the wearer for eternity.

A classic Marine Corps tattoo, perfectly placed central to the upper back with great, rich coloring and nice shading work. The skull, complete with military cap and combat knife clutched in teeth, serves to symbolize that a marine will die for his cause, his country, his mission and his fellow soldier. The lettering on this piece is very well done in bold black with an intense red in the center making them stand out beautifully, and overall this is a well executed inscribe declaring the wearer a Marine in a forever patch of proud patriotism.

A soldier being surrounded by an angelic figure, a spirit from the heavens come to collect a fallen warrior. This is a great memorial tattoo, subtle in style but heavy in meaning, it features extremely clean lines and ultra smooth coloring. The silhouette of the soldier is bold and re easily and the shading on the wings and around the whole piece is impeccable.

This army tattoo is well placed on the upper arm, and is a unique de that will keep a fallen friend close to heart until they meet again in the next life. Heartfelt and awesome. These type of army tattoos, which is also a great cover-up piece, is bright and bold, emblazoned on the shoulder with fine ink injection creating really clean lines and excellent color saturation. Featuring the skull of a soldier in army issue helmet with the iron cross stamped across the front, this is a cool composition that we can see progress into a nice U.

S Army tribute tattoo. A soldier gives his life to his country during service and this skull army tattoo does that sentiment justice in fine style. This is a great de concept honoring soldiers in battle, well placed on the shoulder with delicate shading work throughout. It features three army soldiers in various combat positions and a helicopter hovering above, providing air support, and although there could be more contrast in the shading of each soldier to make them stand out more obviously individually, the lining and highlighting on this army tattoo is great and I love the way it seems to capture a moment, a split second of the battle, like an airbrushed photograph delicately brushed onto skin.

This is a really cool U. S Army Marines tattoo made to look like the skin around it is torn away revealing a bold USMC brand with bright red background ifying Marine flag colors as well as the blood beneath that is shed with bravery and valor in the fight for God and country. The lettering and marine inia look great and stand out in shining golden yellow hue with excellent shading adding an extra dimension to the inscribe.

This is an awesome, somewhat gruesome army tattoo that will serve as a forever stamp of military pride carried by spirited soldier on every mission in life. Represented in skeletal form this frog is expertly inked with fine lines and delicate shading and is well placed on the upper back stretching down to just below the shoulder blade. Although not strictly an army tattoo, this frogman represents some of the armed forces greatest assets and it is indeed a beautiful tattoo recognizing some of the greatest world class combat soldiers the U.

S military has to offer. This memorial army tattoo features a soldier kneeling at the boots, rifle, and helmet of a fallen comrade, mourning the loss of a friend and fellow soldier. The American flag background for this heartfelt image is well executed with great folds to make it appear to ripple in the wind, and the bold red, white and blue stands out in full contrast against pale skin. Overall this is a great neck tattoo, well placed and equally well inked creating a unique inscribe, layered in meaning and a great way to honor a fallen hero forevermore. The moniker, now a motivational nickname for a Marine, was used by the Germans to describe U.

S Marines who fought in the battle of Belleau Wood in This brand features a monstrous Devil Dog done with clean lines and awesome color injection bringing this hell dog out of the skin in beautiful form, the detailing in the chains, collar and army patch on the shoulder all adding a mean, savage and ruthless feel to this pretty, pretty brutish tattoo.

A sea of boots, rifles and helmets, with United States flag backdrop, placed in rows to look like a graveyard of soldiers lost in battle, fighting for the very freedoms we often take for granted. Line work and coloring in this army tattoo is great, and while the shading between the rifles and helmets and the flag in the background could have a little more contrast, overall this is a bold, successful brand that shows solidarity to country and pays respect to those soldiers who gave their lives for freedom. A simple yet poignant army tattoo with a silhouette of an army soldier wrapped in a tattered American flag showing patriotism and possibly meaning that this soldier has carried the flag through battle, its torn remains still around the shoulders of this heroic warrior.

This piece stands out in intrepid form on pale skin and will forever represent a hero in uniform and a true patriot at heart. This is a cool and very moving army tattoo of a soldier bent over on one knee, boots, rifle and helmet before him, being cradled by a mystery angelic wing comforting him in a time of loss and protecting him as he goes on to the next battle. The lining work on this army tattoo is wonderful and defines the inscribe, and the shading is perfect, coupled with lovely highlighting this is a stellar piece, heavy in meaning and a clearly defined brand that commemorates U.

A classic army combat medic tattoo with the caduceus two snakes winding around a winged staff complete with two machine guns crossed at the base to symbolize an armed warrior on the battlefield as well as a medic there to aid injured soldiers. Lining is great on this brand, and shading equally good, and I really like the red-pink hue surrounding this combat medic inscribe making it stand out in contrast to the heavy black ink and the pale skin canvas.

All in all, an excellent army tattoo honoring the combat medic as one of the most important factors in battle. This army tattoo half sleeve features an American flag background complete with ripples and folds, shaded beautifully, the stripes and stars fading gradually towards the top, and at the bottom, mid bicep are three army sergeant stripes with a great skull within symbolizing what this soldier is willing to give for his comrades and country. The shading on this piece is inked with precision and the line work clean and smooth making this a one of a kind half sleeve celebrating being a part of the army and something greater than oneself.

A patriotic tattoo showing solidarity to the armed forces whose ethics will stay near and dear in this permanent honorary army brand. This is a great, highly detailed chest tattoo of army soldiers on the battlefield, running across hills and in and out of trenches. Well placed, covering the entire chest, this piece features great line work, awesome color injection and excellent shading creating a very unique army tattoo that will last a lifetime.

Bold in its harrowing depiction of combat, on fair skin and steeped in meaning, this is a brand that instantly catches the eye and grabs attention, and will stand as a memorial tattoo for all those who have fought in wars throughout the ages.

An awesome army tattoo stretched across the upper back with absolutely perfect lining, shading and color work. Troops on the march, carrying the injured across desolate fields in a great representation of camaraderie in a graceful tattoo that captures military togetherness in fantastic form. This really is a pretty tattoo with well executed clouds hanging low over the soldiers and below the ground has multiple layers giving it a reflective look.

A beautiful piece to be treasured for a lifetime. The detailing in the uniform is amazing even down to the shadowing around the patches giving them a three dimensional feel and the shading work on the torn skin is fabulous. This is a beautiful WWI memorial tattoo featuring an army soldier standing above the grave of a fallen comrade, while a poppy in watercolor tone bleeds into the skin around the soldier creating the sky and clouds in spectacular form. The poppy has long been a symbol of remembrance for the sacrifices made in past wars, this is because the Scarlet Corn Poppy grows throughout western Europe and during the Napoleonic wars throughout the 19th century the bare lands were turned into fields of blood red poppies growing around the bodies of fallen soldiers.

This would later occur again in when the fields were once more torn apart as WWI raged through Europe. Thus the poppy is a beautiful symbol of the fallen and of something exquisitely pretty growing out of the death and destruction.

A gorgeous tattoo, elegant, insightful and a beautiful piece that wearer will treasure through life and take to grave with pride. A very cool chest and shoulder tattoo, well placed and featuring a ruffled American flag on the shoulder fading into a pair of fighter planes and then the ink falls onto chest with a gorgeous gas mask with a bomb blast reflected in yellow eye shields, inked to perfection and shaded with finesse giving it three dimensional perspective.

This is a beautiful bold brand showing the horrors of war alongside unbridled patriotism and the will to keep fighting the good fight. A special army tattoo done with flair and heart that both wearer and artist can be very proud of. A stunning back tattoo with the inia for the rank of Master Sergeant, the bronze star medal and an Airborne combat patch surrounded by the American flag across the shoulders.

This is an amazing inscribe with beautiful lining and shading work throughout that remembers the unknown soldier in supreme fashion and incredible style. A beautiful and inspiring army tattoo with a soldier fully clad in army fatigues, gloves, hood and gas mask, clutching a pretty flower, a symbol of peace despite chaos. This tattoo features amazing lining and absolutely flawless shading work giving this brand an airbrushed look and a hyper photo realistic effect bringing it into the one spot.

A poignant piece reminding us all that where there is war, beauty stills grows and flourishes in spite of the devastation caused by man. Nature reminds us to keep imagining a perfect world where there is no war, no suffering, and instead a magical place where the possibilities are endless.

Gorgeous ink and a wonderful message. Military life tattoo, everything in the tat represents my 21 years of service. Awards, events, travels…. Hi Greg!!! What a moving tattoo, we would love to profile the full story in a new post. us at hello [at] tattoosbeautiful [dot] com. These army tattoos are glorious, violent, somber, colorful, and awesome. Army tattoos are ways to show support to the troops. Enjoy these epic tattoos! Freedom Army Tattoos. Greg Littleton Reply. Tattoos Beautiful Reply.

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32 Army Tattoos Des Inspired From Courage And Strength Of Military Men