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Lets Get a Cocktail. And I like your husband and I like you. I'm definitely more extroverted than my husband but I my husband more than I partying and that alone makes it easy for me to cut back on my socializing. Yeah, I have male friends that were my friends before we were married. One of my closest friends is a male coworker. We sometimes eat lunch together but when we do, my husband and his wife both know. Of course, I'm also friends with my friend's wife and his wife is friends with my husband and I and everyone is comfortable with the friendships so there are no questions. For a while, we were both doing a lot of traveling for work to a location about 3 hours from here.

We'd run into each other there, not knowing the other would be there, and a few times we went to dinner together. I made sure my husband knew that I was going to dinner with the friend and I made a point of ing my husband when I got back to my hotel so that he knew I returned to my room alone and that I was safe in general. I know my husband isn't jealous but I respect him and I don't ever want to him to have a reason to doubt my commitment to him.

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The were torn up over their fathers decisions. My ex told me I wasn't good enough for him, that I'm ugly, stupid, you name it, I've heard it. We've been married for 20 years. I should have left a time ago, but I was thinking of the and having to take care of a special needs was hard.

My ex paid all the bills and I stayed at home taking care of the, the house, the outings, etc. I picked up all the pieces that he couldn't do. Yes, he paid the bills but I did a lot too. Now that we are divorcing, he doesn't think I deserve a dime of his money. He wants me to go out and get a career and I don't have any college.

I am still with 3 who live with me. I get temporary support and alimony. That amount is just enough to pay for rent, utilities, food, etc. Not any "extra" money to have fun with. I am ok with the amount I'm getting but I fear that when it's time for my last court date, the judge decide I don't need as much as I'm getting now and reward me less money.

This is a daily fear of mine. I am going through culinary training right now and that last a while. I am trying to get back on my feet but it's really hard. If my ex had his way, I would get next to nothing. He wants to owe me less, therefore taking money away from the. Yes, Alimony or "Spousal Support" as it's known in Colorado, is by law my money.

But it goes to the as well. I pay for housing, utilities, car insurance, food, water, etc. It's barely enough to get by. I'm a nervous wreck and I am so the judge buy into his selfishness and leave me with less than I'm getting now and if that happens, I be on the streets with the because I don't have a career. Ive noticed a few things about the boards. I notice that women are quick to judge one another then turn around and say 'dont hate on me'. What gives? Now I understand that people have preferences, and thats fine when you post.

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Sao joao de meriti mi fuck buddy

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