Looking for something very unique

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TikTok keeps millions of users glued to their screens, and offers unique opportunities for brands to promote their products and go viral by using TikTok for business. We asked them why they wanted to use us, and how their needs are unique. Our database is filled with thousands of big brands, brands you know, websites you visit every day that are struggling with getting their unique , indexable URLs indexed by Google. Prevalence depends on context, and sometimes unique advantages outweigh the genetic costs.

The most exciting and thrillingly unique artist to surface in Like Edgar, he remembers a unique time when American rappers came down and performed at the Primer Festival de Rap Cubano. Christmas is unique in that it is a global holiday celebrated all over the world by humanity.

But that was probably the least unique thing about her childhood. The order of meals at Lane End was somewhat peculiar even then, and would now be almost unique. They are unique ; that lady there is the Du Barry—a portrait worth, alone, six thousand francs.

It is these unique coincidences and recurrences that make it so easy to find relations between these sovereigns. It is the one which is sometimes called in books on economics the case of an unique monopoly. Oh that their ranks could be kept filled and that a mould so unique was being used to its fullest in forming new regulars.

New Word List Word List. Save This Word! See synonyms for unique on Thesaurus. Prove that nothing is amiss with your vocabulary skills by taking this quiz on popular eighth grade vocabulary. However, all such words have undergone semantic development and are used in a of senses, some of which can be compared by words like more, very, most, absolutely, somewhat, and totally and some of which cannot.

The comparison of so-called absolutes in senses that are not absolute is standard in all varieties of speech and writing. See also a 1 , complete , perfect. Words nearby unique unipolar lead , unipolar neuron , uniport , unipotent , unipotential , unique , uniqueness , uniramous , unironically , UNISA , uniseptate.

The Most Insincere Compliments And What To Say Instead Time to move away from "great job" and "very nice" and elevate your compliments with these synonyms for some of the most overused words of praise out there. Words related to unique exclusive , different , rare , uncommon , particular , exceptional , singular , extraordinary , strange , unparalleled , weird , unprecedented , special , individual , lone , one , only , separate , single , solitary. How to use unique in a sentence TikTok keeps millions of users glued to their screens, and offers unique opportunities for brands to promote their products and go viral by using TikTok for business.

Are you ready to start traveling for work again? Apple has developed special face masks for employees Verne Kopytoff September 9, Fortune. Mongooses, Meerkats, and Ants, Oh My! Hilda Lessways Arnold Bennett. Checkmate Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.

Derived forms of unique uniquely , adverb uniqueness , noun. Thus something is either unique or not unique; it cannot be rather unique or very unique. However, unique is sometimes used informally to mean very remarkable or unusual and this makes it possible to use comparatives or intensifiers with it, although many people object to this use.

Looking for something very unique

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Advanced English Vocabulary: 23 Great Ways to Say “Unique”