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From the smallest town in the world to the biggest church on earth, and from a knighted penguin to a country free of mosquitoes, there are hundreds of random and fun facts about Europe. Here are 21 things about this amazing continent that may just surprise you.

What do you think is the most visited attraction in Europe? The Colosseum? The Eiffel Tower? Disneyland Paris? It saw a record Another fun fact about the Louvre in Europe is that even if you spent only 30 seconds on each artwork in the Louvre, it would still take you 35 days straight to see every piece.

Amazingly, Iceland is believed to be completely clear of any mosquitoes, thanks to the cold temperatures and lack of shallow ponds that mosquitoes love. A post shared by The Royal Family theroyalfamily. One of the most random facts about Europe is that if you live in the Commonwealth, you can get a letter from the Queen of England! A post shared by Edinburgh Zoo edinburghzoo. The first Sir Olav penguin served between and Looking for impressive churches?

Standing at metres long, metres wide, metres tall, and with a capacity for 60, people, this is not only the largest church in Europe but the whole world. Seems fitting that the church is in Vatican City, the home of the Pope. While you may be used to saying cheers and clinking your glasses with friends, you should never do this in Hungary. This custom goes back to when Austria defeated Hungary in the revolution. The Austrians celebrated by clinking their beer glasses while toasting their victory.

Ever since, Hungarians have not clinked their glasses during a toast. A post shared by Visit Czech Republic visitcz. Love castles? Even if you visited one castle a day, it would take you over 2. Did you know that the tallest building in Europe is in St. Petersburg in Russia? Soaring into the sky like a glass shard, the Lakhta Center is a whopping metres in height.

With dozens of unique cultures and countries across Europe, there are over languages spoken on the continent, although only 24 are recognised as the official languages of the European Union. The little town of Hum is found in the Istria region northwest of Croatia and the population is only 30 people according to the census. Along with its tiny size, Hum is also famous for its mistletoe brandy called biska. Legend says that ancient Celtic Druids left the biska recipe in Hum around 2, years ago. Another interesting fact about Hum in Europe is that the majority of the population speak Italian, thanks to their close proximity to Italy.

While the extraordinary ancient pyramids of Egypt were constructed in 85 years, between and BC, La Sagrada Familia has been under construction for the past years. Denmark has some unusual baby naming laws. New parents must name their child one of the 7, pre-approved names, like Benji or Molli.

Creative spellings of common names are also not permitted under these laws. Want to name your kid something unique? You can probably get on board with this fun fact about Europe. While dozens of countries in Europe have chopped and changed their names over the years, Bulgaria has stuck with the same name since it adopted it in AD. When you think of Europe, you probably imagine snowy Alps, lush pine forests and winding rivers, but did you know that there is one last remaining rainforest in Europe?

The British Museum in London is one of the most-visited in the world, with around six million visitors every year. The name is 58 letters long, making it the longest name of any town in Europe, but you can call it Llanfairpwll, or Llanfair PG for short. Wales might have the longest town name, but Scandinavia takes the crown for the shortest town names. There are 10 villages across Denmark, Sweden and Norway that have names just one single letter long. Some additional fun facts about Europe: 1. Coffee first came to Europe from the Ottoman Empire during the siege of Vienna in Between and , Poland disappeared as a sovereign country after it was split up by Austria, Prussia, and Russia in Nicklaus, came from Izmir, Turkey.

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Looking for fun 100 real

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