Looking for built guys

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There are exceptions to the trend-swerving rule. And a boxy denim jacket looks great on bulkier builds and is an easy wardrobe update for summer. story . Next story Next. Well-built guys are presented with a unique set of styling issues that the average man never experiences.

While it is harder for muscly guys to wear head-to-toe catwalk looks, the trick is to start by getting the fit right. Then you can nod to trends and mix in classic pieces to create a personal style that flatters the body, rather than slavishly follows fashion. Statement stripes Stripes are a trusty pillar of summer dressing, and they look great on muscular physiques. Feel free to mix them up, but for a sure-fire winner commit to long-sleeved styles and wear with shorts and some Converses.

And while a muscle vest is an obvious choice, a high-cut tank feels right for now. All about the details Getting too caught up in trends can be a risky game. Instead, let the details take centre stage. Khaki is the perfect colour for summer , and a subtly rolled sleeve is a simple but effective styling trick. Spend time experimenting with cuts until you find one that works for you — the aim is for a slim fit that skims the body, rather than squeezing yourself into skinny.

Remember, the Incredible Hulk is not a style icon. Invest in the new denim jacket There are exceptions to the trend-swerving rule. Choose the right trews When it comes to dressing muscly body types, most of the attention is focused on the torso. But finding trousers that work can be an even tougher task. The combination of a narrow waist and bigger thighs makes joggers an all-too-easy option. However, slim not super skinny cropped chinos are a better way to go. Work in some jewellery While muscly guys do best to steer clear of fashion-forward looks when it comes to getting dressed, some carefully-curated pieces of jewellery can be an awesome alternative.

Looking for built guys

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