Looking for a friend maybe lover

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Ever had a crush on a celebrity who had no idea you existed? Lingering feelings for an ex after breaking up? Or maybe you fell deeply in love with a close friend but kept your feelings secret. But the pain of one-sided love can linger when you truly love someone. Unfortunately, this is a pretty universal experience. Unrequited love can look different across different scenarios. You want to explore a deeper connection, so you start inviting them to spend more time together.

But they keep their distance as you try to get closer. Their lack of interest can also show up in your emotional connection. When you try asking questions about their beliefs and values, for example, they may not offer much in their answers nor ask you similar questions in return.

Maybe they take forever reply to messages. No matter how you dice it, unrequited love hurts. You might find yourself thinking of ways to make yourself more attractive to the other person. Maybe snowboarding is their favorite hobby, so you suddenly take it up — despite hating both the cold and sports.

Your feelings for the person might come up throughout your day, in different areas of your life. In fact, a small study from suggests rejection activates the same areas in the brain as physical pain. These tips can help you cope with the pain until it lessens. Feel too overwhelming? Sometimes, just getting these feelings off your chest can offer relief. You confess your love for a friend, but they reject you. The best way to do this is to focus on your friendship.

Try practicing mindful acceptance of all of these feelings. Accept them as they come up without attaching judgment to them. Just notice them and let them pass. Journaling about them as you notice them even the ones that hurt can help, too.

All of your feelings are valid, and noticing and accepting them can help you move forward. But try to maintain some balance, as too much time wallowing can end up making you more miserable. During the day, it can help to set the feelings aside until you have time and space to address them.

You loved someone and wanted to be loved in return. Did you learn something about yourself? Grow in some way? Develop a stronger friendship with the person? It may not seem very comforting now, but someday you might value this friendship even more. If you keep experiencing unrequited love, it could help to consider whether this pattern says something about your needs.

Dealing with unrequited love is an absolutely valid reason to seek the help of a qualified therapist. Therapy can help you address this, which may help clear the way for a mutual attraction. You might even consider trying to date them instead to see what happens. Instead, try talking about the situation. This may be slightly uncomfortable, but an honest discussion could help you both move forward.

Take care in how you express your lack of interest. Be honest, but kind. Think back on how this made you feel. Unrequited love can be rough for everyone involved, but things will get better with time. Crystal Raypole has ly worked as a writer and editor for GoodTherapy. Her fields of interest include Asian languages and literature, Japanese translation, cooking, natural sciences, sex positivity, and mental health. Saving a relationship takes work, but it's possible. Whether you're trying to make long distance work or dealing with a betrayal, we've got 22 tips….

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Looking for a friend maybe lover

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