Just good sex and fun

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A whopping 59 percent of men and women say they want to make their sex lives more playful and fun , according to a new survey released today by International Communications Research and sponsored by We-Vibe. But if most people are craving more excitement in bed, why are we still having run-of-the-mill sex? Take your sex life from meh to amazing with these tips from the experts:. Also worth nothing: Great sex can exist without an orgasm.

Ignore Your Instincts That stereotype that men are the only ones who crave something new in bed is so false. In fact, research shows women are even more likely to want sexual novelty, says Walsh. Satisfy the urge by doing something totally outside your sexual script, like making a sex bucket list , getting busy in every room but your bedroom , having sex before work in the morning , or even heading to a hotel for a distraction-free hookup.

Play Up the Fantasy So how do you bring up the fact that you want to try a new position or light bondage? Match Your Position to Your Mood Just like your dates range from romantic to passionate, your hookups should, too. Craving emotional intimacy and eye contact? Go with Missionary. Opt for Upstanding Citizen against a wall. Ready to take control? Hop on top for Reverse Cowgirl.

You get the idea. Put It in Your iCal We know, scheduling sex— ugh. But even just giving yourself a mental he-up can put you in a sexy mindset all day long. Dress the Part Use pop-up Halloween stores to your advantage, and pick up a few sultry accessories or even a full outfit, says Kerner. Take Turns Make foreplay more fun by turning it into a giver-and-receiver game, says Kerner. Decide how much time to spend on each person, and take turns doing whatever you or your partner wants.

Then switch. Bonus: Pleasing your partner can turn you on even more. Just Go For It When in doubt, take the reins. Weight Loss. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Masala Pepper And Cauliflower Omelet. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

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Just good sex and fun

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