Discreet hotel encounter

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A regular hotel is just a room, and you could just be there because you need a place to sleep. My boyfriend and I had left the love hotel experience to our last day in Tokyo, which was a bad call: we were tired and hungry after hours on a train when we arrived at the hotel in Shinjuku. But any hesitation evaporated the moment we stepped into the love hotel madness: the room was bathed in bright pink and blue neon lights, contrasted by a flashing disco ball in the bathroom. It had everything: a karaoke machine, massage oil, tissues, stain remover, every bathroom product you could imagine, and complementary condoms.

We looked at each other slightly stunned, before falling over laughing and letting the room work its magic. Some are fancy and flashy big beds, jacuzzis, karaoke machines and others have elaborate themes space, mirrors, cages. London and other major Western cities has more of a cloak-and-dagger approach to the fact that some people rent hotel rooms for the purpose of sex, but the love hotel phenomenon can be found here too.

Unlike Japan, however, the fact that you can rent a hotel room just for the day in London is not a widely known fact. He opted for day hotels in order to keep any encounters away from the house he shares with his wife and two small children. Simon Botto, Co-Founder and CEO of daytime hotel booking service DayBreakHotels , agrees that people use hotel rooms for the same things during the days as they do at night.

After all, day rates are far cheaper than the overnight rate. Botto lists some other key reasons for people booking daytime rooms: a place to nap, to work, going to the spa, watching sports with friends, conducting work interviews, or taking the kids to the pool.

But an even more common reason for airport day use is to sleep, either before, after or between flights. Sex is only one of the things that you can do with the space that opens up — even Japanese love hotels are sometimes used to just get a rest and some reprieve from the world. For several years, they met every few months to spend a day in a hotel — cost prohibiting them from doing it more often, plus it required taking a day off work.

Actually, the neutrality of the hotel kind of made it feel like ours. It became that way since we tended to go to the same place. Ultimately it may not really matter what you do behind a closed hotel room door — you can have sex, you can sleep, or you can just be together. An afternoon in a hotel room is about slipping away from the world. Follow Jessica Furseth on Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Like Huck on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Share this Growing s of Gen Zers are embracing the prospect of less future. Writer Andrew Kersley investigates the myriad reasons why. The activist group kicked off its latest mass protests by building a huge table in Covent Garden to demand that the government stops using fossil fuels.

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Discreet hotel encounter

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