Dinner date for weekend

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The ultimate test of a relationship is if you can tolerate each other in the kitchen. Luckily, these easy recipes will make things a little smoother—and will taste delicious no matter what. Scroll through for all our favorite romantic recipes, and check out our healthy dinners for two if you and your S. Get the recipe from Delish. All you need is 30 extra minutes. Kitchen Tips and Tools.

Delish Shop. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Get Our New Vegan Cookbook! Ethan Calabrese. Erik Bernstein. How To Cook Beans. Simplicity at its finest. Charlie Gillette. Scalloped Portobello Mushrooms. This rich dish could be a satisfying side or even a light dinner.

How gorgeous is this dish? Parker Feierbach. Cacio e Pepe. This is simple as can be, totally delicious, and super romantic. Emily Hlavac Green. Creamy Tuscan Chicken. The perfect meal to win anyone over. Beef Ragu. The best sauce you'll ever put over pasta and it's so easy to make. Pineapple Baked Salmon. We never realized how badly we needed this. Emily Hlavac-Green. Creamy Parm Tomato Soup. Elevate your tomato soup with cheesy tortellini. Best-Ever Flank Steak. Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo. One of life's greatest comfort foods.

Air Fryer Pork Chops. That parmesan coating really gives it that extra oomph. Flatbread Pizza. That balsamic glaze is rocking our world. French Dip. The secret's in the Jus! Chicken and Dumplings. Straight from our Food Editor's grandma's kitchen.

Beer Battered Fish. Currently craving Marry Me Chicken. You'll die over the cream sauce. Kat Wirsing. Beef Stroganoff. Super rich flavors perfect for a chilly night. Caprese Chicken. Dinner has never been so good. London Broil Roast. This old-school cooking technique is our new favorite. Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon. The most addicting salmon recipe ever. Caprese Steak. You'll go totally capr-azy! Beef Tenderloin. The buttery, delicious beef tenderloin of your dreams. Lemon Pepper Chicken.

This lemon pepper chicken makes chicken exciting again. Brandon Bales. Cajun Butter Steak. Bust most especially tri-tip. Chicken, Bacon, and Spinach Spaghetti. We dare you to find someone who does not fall instantly in love with this spaghetti skillet. Chelsea Lupkin. Boyfriend Steak. Is this the sexiest piece of meat you've ever seen?

Balsamic Glazed Chicken. This sweet, tangy chicken is the perfect date night dinner. Smoked Salmon Pasta. Super easy and sounds fancy! Jonathan Boulton. Garlic Rosemary Chicken. Roasting the garlic beforehand makes all the difference. Alexa Payesko. Five-Cheese Marinara. The cheese limit does not exist. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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Dinner date for weekend

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