Corbett erotic massage

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The music started. Slow and soft. Not loud or fast enough to drown out my racing heartbeat. He pressed against me and I closed my eyes. Trying to relax as he gently swayed with me. My shoulders felt like they were up to my ears. His fingers played over my arms and torso, softly along my arms, all the way to my fingertips.

And back. And up. To my neck. Deliberately missing my breasts. His hands kneaded my shoulders and I jerked. I was so tense. Post continues after video. He teasingly and painstakingly slowly undid the knot above my breasts. Letting it slide slowly along my body and down onto the floor. And 10 minutes later, when he finally and slowly removed those, there was still one barrier left…. It had been a manic effort to get here. Taking the week off had meant two weeks of very long hours, trying to get on top and ahead of all my work. To top it off, my on-off-on-off-rinse-wash-repeat boyfriend was finally giving it a real shot at getting sober.

Then I went to visit him the night before I was leaving. I got home at 1am, still needing to pack before my 8am flight. I suspected that underneath my inhibitions and age-old body shame, there lurked a dormant sexually empowered, slightly kinky Goddess just waiting to be awakened. This was the alarm clock she needed. They use touch and sensation to help me find my arousal centres in a safe, non-judgemental environment. I get to receive pleasure without the pressure of having to give it back. The trouble was I was too stressed to receive it. My whole body was tense and weird. What do I do with my hands?

He moved in closer again. I leaned into him. Feeling his hands play softly over my body. I lay on my back. Instantly I realised this was a huge mistake. I was still nervous. Now I was nervous and exposed. I closed my eyes. I felt the warm oil drip on my belly as he began to massage my body. Especially my shoulders. Can we focus on that for a bit? He was happy to. His deft fingers moved to my shoulders and quickly found the knots. He kneaded gently, lovingly, patiently. Slowly my body relaxed into his fingers. As I relaxed, I realised other things were happening in my body too… I was feeling warmer….

As if reading my mind, his hands slid down and around my belly. Caressing and stroking. Moving lower and lower. Over my hip bones. Around my inner thighs and… Hmmmm…. This is more like it. But when they reached my labia, I panicked again. He smoothly went back to massaging my shoulders and caressing my back. I felt some tension dissipate. But there was still some left. For the rest of our 90 minutes, he quietly and gently massaged my shoulders and back. And I lay still for a minute. Trying to process the journey that had got me here. On this table.

No, getting lovingly touched by a man whose sole focus was my pleasure. And suddenly the tears came. A well of sadness just rushed to the surface. Trying to make everyone else feel better. Trying to help my struggling boyfriend. Trying to be the good daughter to my mum while she struggled with her own unhealthy, destructive relationship. The residual grief of losing my beloved aunt — while trying to be there for my external family as best I could, but not put my grief on them or take away from theirs. Lauren Rosewarne explore everything there is to know about the female orgasm on the Sealed Section podcast.

Post continues after podcast. I felt like I was carrying the weight of everyone else. He dressed me tenderly. Showing me how to tie my sarong by knotting it around the back of my neck, instead of how I usually did it. For the first time in years, I was in a safe place where I was being nurtured. This weight was being taken from me and I was being given the gift of permission to be completely in my body. The freedom to feel. To receive. Without the expectation or demand of anything in return.

I was relieved. This article originally appeared on Medium and was republished here with full permission. The image used is a stock photo. Sober and single. Currently exploring sexuality, mental health, love and life — and taking you along for the ride. Leave a comment. Jo Buckman. Listen Now. Why People Cheat Sealed Section.

What's Your ? It was a moot point. It was non-refundable. So now, here I was. With a clothed man whose sole job was to give me pleasure. Better… He invited me up onto the massage table. And my breasts. I felt a slight tingle in my groin. This is promising, I thought. His hands went lower. And lower. To my legs. My inner thighs. Moving higher. When he reached my groin, I suddenly tensed. I managed to get up the courage to roll over.

As I relaxed, I realised other things were happening in my body too… I was feeling warmer… I was feeling a little turned on. My hips shifted and my back slightly arched. When our time was up, he gently covered me with a sarong and gave me a moment to myself.

Then something else occurred to me and I burst out laughing through my tears. Then walked me back, handed me over to my kind, support-woman-in-waiting and subtly disappeared. I collapsed on a beanbag and sobbed into her arms. She said nothing and I let myself be held. As my sobbing gradually subsided to relieved tears, I realised she was right. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. And more tears. Maybe now the Goddess could finally awaken. Tags: features sex.

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Corbett erotic massage

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